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Magazines are posted 12 months after publication. Printed copies are available from Torquay Newsagents. OR become a digital member and subscribe for digital copies of the magazine.

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Magazines are posted 12 months after publication. Printed copies are available from Torquay Newsagents. OR become a digital member and subscribe for digital copies of the magazine.

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Mar-1611Launch TMWWBaulch, CherylNews
Mar-1613Sea View VillaBaulch, CherylHouses
Mar-1615Smith FamilyBaulch, CherylFamily
Mar-1612Torquay PioneersBaulch, CherylPioneers
Mar-16111Interrupted LivesBaulch, CherylMilitary
Mar-16115Mt Duneed History GroupThrelfall, GwenNews
Jun-1621Joseph H Scammell shipwreckThoernberg, CarleenShipwrecks
Jun-1625Scammell House: A Family HomeThoernberg, CarleenHouses
Jun-1627Streets Old TorquayBaulch, CherylStreets
Jun-16211Maie’s MemorabiliaBaulch, CherylNews
Jun-16215Mt Duneed ReserveThrelfall, GwenParks
Jun-16219Spotlight on ConrangamiteBarr, ChrisGovernance
Sep-1631Nairn’s DairyBarr, ChrisCommerce
Sep-1637Robert ZealleyBaulch, CherylPioneers
Sep-16311130 Years Torquay HistoryBaulch, CherylLocal History
Sep-16313Legacies of the Great WarBaulch, CherylMilitary
Sep-16315Dick Garrard, OlympianBarr, ChrisOlympics
Sep-16321Nathanila Brown: Monumental MasonThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Dec-1644Summer holidaysBarr, ChrisHolidays
Dec-1646Our BeachesBarr, ChrisBeaches
Dec-16410Go Cart TrackBarr, ChrisHolidays
Dec-16412Taylor Park HistoryBaulch, CherylParks
Dec-16417Taylor FamilyBaulch, CherylFamily
Dec-16420Dairy Farming – TorquayBaulch, CherylLocal History
Dec-16422Origins Charles LaneStewart, JohnStreets
Dec-16424Robert Smiths TuffsThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Mar-1754Gathering of the Tribes -Bells BeachBarr, ChrisSurfing
Mar-1757Bell’s Belle – Gail CouperBarr, ChrisSurfing
Mar-1758Peter TroyBaulch, CherylSurfing
Mar-1759Vic TantauBaulch, CherylSurfing
Mar-17510First to Surf BellsO’Donnell, MickSurfing
Mar-17513Jericho PopplerBarr, ChrisSurfing
Mar-17516First Bells compettionBaird, CraigSurfing
Mar-17518Springside Surfers HouseBarr, ChrisHouses
Mar-17520Early Jan Juc & Bells BeachBaulch, CherylLand
Mar-17524Girlie BellBarr, ChrisFamily
Mar-17527Max StevensBaulch, CherylReflection
Mar-17530Our Beaches: Jan Juc to Bells BeachBarr, ChrisBeaches
Mar-17532William BattenThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Jun-1764Ray WilsonBarr, ChrisSurfing
Jun-1768Cooee, the houseBaulch, CherylHouses
Jun-17610Jarosite MiningBarr, ChrisIndustry
Jun-17614Early Jan JucBaulch, CherylPioneers
Jun-17618Pursuit Hindenburg LineBaulch, CherylMilitary
Jun-17620Torquay Football clubBaulch, CherylSport
Jun-17622Peter BurnsHutchinson, ColSport
Jun-17624Jane WalkerThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Sep-1774Cobb & Co storyBaulch, CherylPioneers
Sep-1777Bellbrae Carriage MuseumBarr, ChrisMuseum
Sep-17710Jan Juc story pt 3Baulch, CherylPioneers
Sep-17714Blinkbrae SouthBaulch, CherylHouses
Sep-17716Bob Pettitt – Man Who Owned Jan JucPettitt, BobPioneers
Sep-17720Light Horse Charge Into HistoryBaulch, CherylMilitary
Sep-17724Sonny Bell RememberedBarr, ChrisMilitary
Sep-17728William UnderwoodThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Dec-1784Bathing Box historyBaulch, CherylBeaches
Dec-1788Summer Memories – White familyRamsay, SallieHolidays
Dec-17810Beach names: Bells to Red RockBarr, ChrisBeaches
Dec-17812Ghazeepore – MacKenziesGawler, SharronHouses
Dec-17816Great Ocean Road Memorial ArchSpring, PeterMemorial
Dec-17820Torquay Bathing Beauty contestBaulch, CherylBeaches
Dec-17824Mt Duneed Rifle ClubThrelfall, GwenSport
Mar-1894Perfection: Fred PykeSmith, BobSurfing
Mar-18910Bells: A Place of Power and SpiritWillcox, KirkSurfing
Mar-18913Surfer Girl: Micha MuellerBarr, ChrisSurfing
Mar-18916Convict Footprints: Isabella RosserBaulch, CherylConvicts
Mar-18919Rosser Family ConnectionsWilliams, CarollynFamily
Mar-18922The SummerhouseBarr, ChrisCommerce
Mar-18926Wagons & Pans: Grasstree ParkBaulch, CherylParks
Mar-18929Grasstree Park historyDeakin UniParks
Mar-18932We Will Never Forget AustraliaBaulch, CherylMilitary
Mar-18936George GardinerThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Jun-18104By George: The George McCartney StoryBarr, ChrisFamily
Jun-18108First Township Land SalesBaulch, CherylLand
Jun-181011Early Land HoldersBaulch, CherylLand
Jun-181013Francis Edward GilbertBaulch, CherylFamily
Jun-181016Gilbert Street – Look Through TimeBarr, ChrisStreets
Jun-181022Iliffe AndersonBaulch, CherylFamily
Jun-181026Convict Footprints – John GoodallBaulch, CherylConvicts
Jun-181029Together They ServedBaulch, CherylMilitary
Jun-181032Tait’s PointThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Jun-181035Buckley’s WellBaulch, CherylMonument
Sep-18114Celebrating end of WW1Baulch, CherylMilitary
Sep-18116Fighting for Life in the Trenches: Harold RosserBaulch, CherylMilitary
Sep-181110From the TrenchesBaulch, CherylMilitary
Sep-181115Boocock ButchersBarr, ChrisCommerce
Sep-18111825 Years History Spring Creek Community HouseBaulch, CherylCommunity
Sep-181122Surfing the StoneDeakin UniFossils
Sep-181126Bancoora ShipwreckBaulch, CherylShipwrecks
Sep-181128Convict Footprints – Robert BettsBaulch, CherylConvicts
Sep-181130Enest Henry KlemkeBaulch, CherylFamily
Sep-181132Mt Duneed Post OfficeThrelfall, GwenPublic Service
Dec-18124Mr Parker’s Passions – James ParkerGawler, SharronFamily
Dec-181210Happy DaysBaulch, CherylHouses
Dec-181214Our Holiday HouseRamsay, SallieHolidays
Dec-181218Women VoteBaulch, CherylGovernance
Dec-181220Town for Sale – BreamleaBaulch, CherylLand
Dec-181222South of the river – Alexander ThomsonGardiner, LyndsayPioneers
Dec-181224Convict Footprints: Joseph ThorogoodBaulch, CherylConvicts
Dec-181227Coastal GuardiansBarr, ChrisMilitary
Dec-181228Earl of Charlemont ShipwreckMitchell, JoShipwrecks
Dec-181230Charlemont, the houseRossack, MarilynHouses
Dec-181232Ewing Blyth – Charlemont Shipwreck survivorThrelfall, GwenFamily
Dec-181235Fagg family albumFagg familyFamily
Mar-19134Cutting Bells TrackBlunt, ColinSurfing
Mar-191310Remembering BoongBarr, ChrisSurfing
Mar-191311Butchers ShopBaulch, CherylCommerce
Mar-19131250 Years Rip CurlBarr, ChrisSurfing
Mar-191316History of the WestuitSerong, JockSurfing
Mar-191316Changing Fabric of Torquay: Sybil StockBarr, ChrisSurfing
Mar-191324Anzac Day: A Time to RememberSceney, HelenMilitary
Mar-191326Victoria Tower ShipwreckBaulch, CherylShipwrecks
Mar-191328Melbourne General CemeteryAtkinson, JeffCemeteries
Mar-191332William BickersThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Jun-19144Drilling for Oil in TorquayDeakin UniIndustry
Jun-19148Local volunteeringBaulch, CherylVolunteering
Jun-191410Apex Club of TorquayBaulch, CherylOlympics
Jun-191412Friends of Taylor ParkBaulch, CherylOrganisations
Jun-191414Jan Juc Coast GroupHynes, LukeOrganisations
Jul-191416Ian and Roma EdwardsBaulch, CherylOrganisations
Jun-191418Story of SANEStockton, GraemeOrganisations
Jun-191420Take a Breath’ PlaygroupFaris, RosemaryOrganisations
Jun-191422Torquay SESBaulch, CherylOrganisations
Jun-191426Torquay Food AidBaulch, CherylOrganisations
Jun-191428Torquay Fire BrigadeBaulch, CherylOrganisations
Jun-191432Torquay Surf Life Saving ClubGreenhough, RichardSurf Life Saving
Jun-191435Rotary Club TorquayBaulch, CherylOrganisations
Jun-191438Torquay RSLThomas, PeterMilitary
Jun-191442More Front Lines: D DayBaulch, CherylMilitary
Jun-191444Red CrossBaulch, CherylOrganisations
Jun-191446Waurn Ponds HotelThrelfall, GwenCommerce
Sep-19154Story behind the roadBaulch, CherylMemorial
Sep-19156Reflecton on the Great Ocean Road VisionHitchcock, HowardMemorial
Sep-191510Howard HitchcockWynd, IanPioneers
Sep-191512Barwon Heads: the start of the GORBaulch, CherylMemorial
Sep-191514The men behind the roadSpring, PeterMemorial
Sep-191516Entertainment saved the dayMorris, JanMemorial
Sep-191518Felix RosserBaulch, CherylFamily
Sep-191522Convict Footprint: John BrightBaulch, CherylConvicts
Sep-191524Electricity comes to Torquay (part 1)Smith, CathyPublic Service
Sep-191528Torquay Post OfficeBarr, ChrisPublic Service
Sep-191532Living on the road – Alexander ButlerThrelfall, GwenFamily
Sep-191534Living on the road – George HelyarThrelfall, GwenFamily
Dec-19164Crossing Bass StraitShiel, PirrieEvent
Dec-1916650 Years Torquay Lions ClubThomas, PeterOrganisations
Dec-191610Electricity to Torquay (part 2)Smith, CathyPublic Service
Dec-191612Don Loveless: Our first surf shopBarr, ChrisCommerce
Dec-191614Molyneux Hot Water DepotMerritt, AlwyneCommerce
Dec-191616Living on the Road – John CroftThrelfall, GwenFamily
Mar-20174Monument to AirmanBaulch, CherylMonument
Mar-20177Everest Of The SeaBaulch, CherylStory
Mar-201781970 World Surfing TitlesBarr, ChrisSurfing
Mar-201718Crossing Paths – Harrison and Hughes familiesBaulch, CherylFamily
Mar-201724Vic TantauBrett @Rare Surf TeesSurfing
Mar-2017271970 World Surfing Titles PosterSutherland, BarrieSurfing
Mar-201728Margaret GanlyThoernberg, CarleenFamily
Mar-201729Anzac Day, Point Danger poemGanly, MargaretMilitary
Mar-201730Norman BurnGanly, MargaretFamily
Mar-201732Bellbrae Post OfficeHooper, MartinPublic Service
Mar-201738Belmont High SchoolThrelfall, GwenSchools
Jun-20184Fight for the town: 1940 fireBaulch, CherylEvent
Jun-201810Bird Man of Torquay: Jack O’MaraO’Mara, MickFamily
Jun-201814John Pettigrove StoryPettigrove, Gary & ClareFamily
Jun-201821Our Holiday House: Bessie McIntyreMcIntyre, BessieHolidays
Jun-201824Convict Footprints: Henry BubbBaulch, CherylConvicts
Jun-201828Craigburn ShipwreckBaulch, CherylShipwrecks
Jun-201830In Quarantine in TorquayBarr, ChrisEvent
Jun-201832Breamlea StreetsThrelfall, GwenStreets
Sep-20194Torquay Golf CentenaryBarr, ChrisSport
Sep-201910Local GovernmentBaulch, CherylGovernance
Sep-201912Birth Surf Coast ShireMcCormack, ToniGovernance
Sep-201918Cr Noel Bates, Rirst Shire MayorBaulch, CherylGovernance
Sep-201920History Victorian EducationBaulch, CherylSchools
Sep-201922Bellbrae PSBaulch, CherylSchools
Sep-201928Connewarre Flour MillStewart, JohnCommerce
Sep-20193275th Anniversary end WW2RSL, TorquayMilitary
Sep-201933WW2 Veteran – Roy CummingsRSL, TorquayMilitary
Sep-201934WW2 Veteran – George OxleyRSL, TorquayMilitary
Sep-201934WW2 Veteran – Cec BrowningRSL, TorquayMilitary
Sep-201935WW2 Veteran – Joan SparkesRSL, TorquayMilitary
Sep-201936Samuel Johnson, pastoralistThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Dec-20204James Follett: A man of visionBaulch, CherylPioneers
Dec-202010Loveridge LookoutMorris, JanMilitary
Dec-202012Pooks of Bellbrae CemeteryHooper, MartinCemeteries
Dec-202016King BillyBaulch, CherylIndigenous
Dec-202020Barwon River Ovoid Sewer AqueductBaulch, CherylLocal History
Dec-202024Story of Kevin “Mumbles” WalkerWalker, JacqulineFamily
Dec-202028PABS, A Tavern for Jan JucBarr, ChrisCommerce
Dec-202032Bluestone Cottage, MarshallThrelfall, GwenHouses
Mar-21214Herb, of Voss LookoutBaulch, CherylFamily
Mar-212110Catherine Tait: Invisible GuardianBaulch, CherylWomen
Mar-212114Stories from Bellbrae Cemetery: Romuald ProkopSmith, VickiCemeteries
Mar-212118Rex ‘China’ GilbertBaulch, CherylSurfing
Mar-212124Vale Maie Zorica (Stock)Barr, ChrisFamily
Mar-212126Vale Myrle Tantau (Hughes)Barr, ChrisFamily
Mar-212128Emanual Read: Crime & PunishmentThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Jun-21224Richard Daintree around Jan JucBaulch, CherylPioneers
Jun-21227Andrew White, PastoralistBaulch, CherylPioneers
Jun-212211Stretton ParkBaulch, CherylPioneers
Jun-212213Joe Briody – to a teeBaulch, CherylFamily
Jun-212220Bellbrae Cemetery CentenairansSmith, Vicki & Hooper, MartinCemeteries
Jun-212224John Ford – 5 generations of farmingThrelfall, GwenPioneers
Jun-212226Blowing Bubbles – Bruce StephensBarr, ChrisFishing
Sep-21234Fishing Stories – Torquay Fishermen  
Sep-21238Arthur Streeton Birth Place  
Sep-212311Leake Family  
Sep-212316Carved in Stone: Freswater Creek Cemetery 
Sep-212318Frenchy’s Store  
Sep-212322Green & Gold: Tribute to Torquay Olympians 
Sep-212327Cemetery Tales: Betty Cornford  
Sep-212330Remembering Milestones  
Sep-212332Buckley Falls  
Sep-212334Burnville Family  
Dec-21244Fishing Stories – Smith Family  
Dec-21246Gundry Family  
Dec-212412Duffield’s Australian Beginnings  
Dec-212418RIP Fred Pyke  
Dec-212419RIP Ed Beacham  
Dec-212421100th Poppy Day  
Dec-212422Jack Ross: RAF  
Dec-212424Cemetery Tales: (Mandeville) Halls  
Dec-212428Christmas Day  
Dec-212430Andrew Thomas Abercrombie  
Mar-22254Bells 60 Years Ago  
Mar-22256Bells Beach 1961  
Mar-22258Torquay Winter Olympians  
Mar-222510Convict Footprints: Peter McCann  
Mar-222513McCann: A name cemented in history  
Mar-222520Beautiful Point Addis  
Mar-222523Torquay: What’s in a name?  
Mar-222526Cemetery Tales: Jonas Hollingworth  
Mar-222528Grovedale Progress Association  
Jun-22264Fisherman’s Beach  
Jun-222610Lighing the Coast  
Jun-222614Step Back in Time: Schools  
Jun-222618Our Beautiful Karaaff  
Jun-222620McCann: The Torquay Connection  
Jun-222627Website Update  
Jun-222628Cemetery Tales: Christiana Beeson  
Jun-222630Cr Frederick Baensch  
Sep-22274Torquay Improvement Association  
Sep-222712Col. John Longville Price  
Sep-222714Dee Family of Germantown & Thomson Creek 
Sep-222716Guy Fawkes Night  
Sep-222718Heart N Soul: RIP Russell Graham  
Sep-222721The McConachy Collection  
Sep-222724Bell Family Letters  
Sep-222728Cemetery Tales: Doris Thelma Henderson  
Sep-222730William McKellar, South Barwon Councillor 
Dec-22284Eye in the sky: Charles Pratt  
Dec-22288Summer Visitors To Our Torquay  
Dec-2228150 Year Paper Round: The Coleman’s story 
Dec-222813Melba House  
Dec-222814Cemetery Tales: Catherine ‘Kitty’ McKeown 
Dec-222816Land On Fire: Ash Wednesday  
Dec-222823Connewarre District Memories  
Dec-222830Charles John Dennys, South Barwon Councillor 
Mar-23294A determined spirit: Anna R Follett  
Mar-23297A house that sprung from oil  
Mar-232912Local milkbars & corner stores  
Mar-232916James Harrison: Inventor-Journalist-Politician 
Mar-232920Mystery Torquay Bunker  
Mar-232922Freshwater Creek  
Mar-232924State School 256 Freshwater Creek  
Mar-232928Cemetery Tales: Winifred Champion  
Mar-232930South Barwon Councillor: William Batten  
Jun-23304John Pawson  
Jun-23307Torquay Theatre Troupe  
Jun-233014Mt Duneed: Scottish Mound or Aboriginal hill? 
Jun-233016Memory Honoured: Barry Perkins  
Jun-233018Gone but not forgotten- Torquay houses  
Jun-233022Last of the Milora  
Jun-233024Torquay Open Air Theatre  
Jun-233026Barrabool Shire Offices  
Jun-233028Cemetery Tales: Leslie (Toby) Bubb  
Jun-233030Local Councillor: Henry Ashton Larcombe  
Sep-23314Wheels of Progress: Winter & Taylor  
Sep-23317Pop’ Taylor  
Sep-233110Torquay’s First Policeman  
Sep-233113Sprint & Dick  
Sep-233114Public Hall Reopens 200  
Sep-233116Fisherman Charles Hansen Miller  
Sep-23311850th Anniversary Vietnam War  
Sep-233122Houses Past – Torbay  
Sep-233127Building of Four Winds  
Sep-233128Cemetery Tales: Philipp Simon  
Sep-233130Mt Duneed: Dickins Brothers  
Sep-233131Christopher & Kelsy Gordon Award 2023  
Dec-23324Centenary Torquay Bownling Club  
Dec-23327Torquay Bowling Club First Committee  
Dec-233210Orphanage for Torquay  
Dec-233214Sir Bruce Small  
Dec-233218Houses Past & Present  
Dec-233222Thomsons or Thompson Creek?  
Dec-233224Torquay Horse Racing  
Dec-233228Cemetery Tales: Thomas Caldwell  
Dec-233230Cr William Ham  
Mar-24334Peter Buckley  
Mar-2433730 Years – Australian National Surfing Museum 
Mar-243310Commisioner & Mada Mayors  
Mar-243319Sir Samuel Mogg  
Mar-243324Foam Shipwreck  
Mar-243326The Office  
Mar-243328Cemetery Tales: Loris Anderson  
Mar-243330Frederick Breguet