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We are a creative solution to those interested in Torquay history,
we tell the story through a range of mediums all located in one place.

torquay museum without walls is a modern historical society


TMWW is a modern historical society dedicated to collecting, researching and publishing online our understanding of the Torquay district history. We cover the townships of Torquay, Breamlea, Connewarre, Mt. Duneed, …



TMWW specializes in local history relating to Torquay families and property in the area. We have extensive knowledge of the town development from a fishing and rural community to the …

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We are happy to help with enquiries for research projects relating to the history of the Torquay district. Search our extensive online research collection or ask us to search our …

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We welcome all contributions to update information or post new information.
Historical information comes from people like you.
These projects tell – and in many cases gather – the stories of people from the Torquay region.

A Determined Spirit

Women have always been workers, have always been leaders, and have always balanced work and family. Torquay’s pioneering women were essential to the developing town. They were companions to their …

Remembering Ash Wednesday Bushfires

It is 40 years today since over 100 bushfires swept through Victoria and South Australia, killing 75 people and causing widespread damage. High temperatures and intense winds along with dry …

Support Please

Trove is a world-ranked web platform of digitised newspapers, books, magazines, photographs, and archived websites. It serves as a research resource for education and display purposes too. We can’t afford …

Summer Edition History Matters

Grab the newest edition of History Matters online or from the Torquay Newsagency. Stories that will capture your interest include the Ash Wednesday Bushfires, stories of old Connewarre, Colman’s Torquay …

2022 Event

Torquay Museum Without Walls will hold its 2022 Annual General Meeting on Monday, 21 November 2022. Below you can find the Notice of the 2022 Annual General Meeting and associated …


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