1950s Gilbert Street Torquay

Torquay Memories

Torquay Museum Without Walls has gathered amazing stories about living in and around Torquay.

Through their personal stories the past comes alive – peoples own recollections can be much more interesting than facts and figures.

You can listen and watch the past come alive through the personal recollections recorded in our conversations with older residents or listen to the audio of recorded stories.

We thank the donors of the holiday video clips as they enjoyed their time in Torquay.

The memories are presented in various forms – interviews, video clips, reflective stories, exhibitions, timelines and History Matters magazine.


Our Oral History collection has the recordings of interviews with people who have lived through the changes that describe Torquay’s cultural and social life.

Video Clips

It’s no secret to locals and visitors that Torquay is a beautiful place to visit and live. Our collection of video clips gives us an insight into how they enjoyed the town.


Written stories of the personal experiences of living in the Torquay district.


Our insightful exhibitions explore Torquay’s history as a lens for looking back in time.