Torquay Moving Images

Last century short amateur films were made to preserve a visual record of family activities, a vacation or a special invent. They were viewed at home by family and friends. From the short photographic film, often without sound to the video and now digital formats we have today, the intent is still the same, but now we can show the movies world wide on our phones!

Torquay Museum Without Walls collection of home movies date from the early 1940s when The Esplanade wasn’t a made road.

We are keen to collect more home movies. To add them to our collection we would borrow your movies to have professionally digitized and return your original with a digital copy at no cost to you. Please contact us at if you can help us preserve our local moving images.

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Beaches & Parks

Enjoying Fischo’s and picking wattle at Taylor Park.

Jack O’ Mara known as the Birdman of Torquay contributed much to the conservation of the flora and fauna of the area.


McCartney family enjoy Torquay places and sights. Keep an eye out for the old Torquay Golf Club House.

The Sun morning newspaper would hold beach beauty contests during the summer period. Winners would then compete for the state title.

Enjoying Cosy Corner, Torquay during the 1960s.


Advertisement for Fred Pyke Surfboards, posted with permission from Fred Pyke.

ABC’s Weekend Magazine visits Torquay in the 70s to find out more about the surfing culture. Video clip under license to Torquay Museum Without Walls from ABC who own the copyright.


October 2020 is the 100 year anniversary of the Torquay Golf Club. Old movie footage, photos and interviews with club members describe its journey over these years.

Celebrating 25 Years of Spring Creek Community House, Torquay, Victoria

Torquay Township

Home movie of Anderson / Stone house on Gilbert Street Torquay Victoria. Also shows footage of the street back then.

Demolition of the iconic Nairn’s Dairy