Winter Edition Out Now

The winter edition of History Matters is out now. A great story on how the Torquay Motor Yacht and Angling Club was formed then evolved into separate organisations and the development of the Torquay Marine Rescue. Part two of the McCann family brings us to Torquay and their community contribution and involvement in the development of Torquay. We investigated the impact of development on the coast from the effect on the beautiful Karaaf Wetlands to the Split Point light house providing navigation and safety still today.

We enjoy sharing our history and your support allows us to keep researching for more stories. You can pick up a copy at Torquay Newsagent or subscribe to our digital copy at memberships.


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2 thoughts on “Winter Edition Out Now

  1. Neil Harvey Reply

    Giddy everyone I Neil Harvey have lots of history information about the light house, 1995 I was appointed as the builder to rebuild the light house remove generator and red roof and under pin light house. I was very fortunate to meet the Mc Cann family Mr Cann (light house keeper) did pass away Rip as the construction was taking place Mrs Cann was amazing lady that was proud of husband who was the son of the original light keeper .. I have lots of photos of the split point light house.

    • ckbaulch Post authorReply

      How wonderful Neil.
      I would love to catch up with you to hear your story when I get back from Queensland next month if I may. Also would like to copy some of your photos too.
      Thanks for making contact
      Regards, Cheryl

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