In the small coastal town of Breamlea, between Torquay and Barwon Heads there is a well reputed to have been used frequently by William Buckley when he camped at Bream Creek during his exile. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence to support this information – could it have been a statement made to increase tourism to the area?

Buckley’s Well Cairn, Breamlea

Today both the cairn and the well are covered by bush and not easy to find. The cairn which identifies the hole in the ground as ‘Buckley’s Well’ states that it is ‘reputed’ to have been the case that Buckley used the well while living in the area.

Buckley's Well, Bream creek, Breamlea, Torquay history, Connewarre
Buckley’s Well Cairn, Breamlea
Bream Creek, Buckley's Well, Torquay history, Connewaree, Breamlea
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