Special Places in Torquay


A journey back in time is often full of wonder, and fascination.

Torquay and the district have a collection of places that evocatively bring to life a period that once was.

It’s time to put the past in front of us and explore these engrossing heritage attractions.

Arthur Leonard Long Torquay memorial

Bass Strait Crossing Monument

Recognising first flight across Bass Strait.

Buckley’s Well

Reputed site of well used by William Buckley.

Inverlochy Figurehead

Original figurehead gone and replaced with carving.

Scammell Anchor

Anchor points to location of wreck.

WW2 Light Horsemen

Light Horsemen camped in White’s paddock South Beach Road. 

Torquay Bushfire

1940 bushfire nearly wiped out the town.

Sun Dial

The Torquay Sundial is located at Fisherman’s Beach.