Lest We Forget

It took many years for communities across the country to recognise and pay tribute to those men and women who served at home and overseas, Here, in Torquay we have a large and most moving Dawn Service at Point Danger, but it wasn’t always so. Our Dawn Service had humble beginnings with service men and women gathering at the R.S.L in Munday Street and marching to the beat of the muffled drum to the old cairn on the point. There was little fanfare and only small numbers of locals waiting for them . Men like Syd Smith, Jim Ferguson and Joey Walker and others were instrumental in starting our special Anzac Day and worked to keep it going . So, this year as we remember let us also be thankful for those who helped establish our beautiful Dawn Service … I cant imagine what they would say if they saw the crowds we get, but know they would be chuffed the Torquay Spirit was shining strong.

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