Coffee Anyone?

Coffee Anyone? We came across this photo recently which the owner tells us was a house called “Loch Lomond “circa 1930’s in Torquay. It was built by Geelong Architect Iliffe Gordon Anderson. The owner of the picture knew nothing more other than it was just “off the  Esplanade”.
We did some digging around, looking at some old maps and title documents, and rate books  and found that it was actually built in Gilbert Street and sat just where Tapas Cafe is now.
It is great to be able to piece together the story of our main street, photos like this are real gems.
You will notice among the trees and behind the fence Mr Anderson seems to be looking at us wondering what we are up to!
Now to ascertain if Anderson Street is named after him.
I wonder if he was a member of the T.I.A?Gilbert Street, Torquay, House, Anderson .

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  1. Graeme McCartney Reply

    Chrys, The property is at 11 Gilbert st, and was a delightful brick cottage with an iconic terra cotta tile roof, when we arrived in ’52, 9 &11 Gilbert were owned by the Stone Family from Ballarat. Later demolished and replaced by two very plain elevated units to suit the extended family needs.
    Andersons owned the old “Ida’s” home cnr Anderson St. unsure if there was a connection, not difficult to find out.
    There were some lovely old stylish homes, vis. Travers no 8, Seaward 10, Farrows 12. Franklins 14 (Franklins soft drinks) Goodman 17 (Now in Prestwick ave.)

    • Cheryl Baulch Reply

      Graeme thanks for that information that is so valuable because it can’t be found in books. I know there was another Anderson from the early 1900’s to mid 50’s but that family was from Ballarat, owned corner of Geelong Rd and Price street, maybe others. He was no relation to James (Geelong draper, TIA, street named after) nor to Iliffe from Gilbert Street. James, the draper owned property on the north side of Anderson street.
      Iliffe Anderson sold to Irene Oliver from Ballart during 1948 for £881 who then sold the house to the Stones during 1952.
      Ilsa Wilson purchased her corner property from John Pettit during 1944 paying £1025 the purchase also included a part of adjoining blocks. Would love to get more information about the houses.

  2. mark Reply

    does anyone know about the Jan Junction coffee house owned by Timothy O’Farrell ?

  3. Peter Stone Reply

    G’day Cheryl,
    My name is Peter Stone, Grandson of George Stone who purchased 11 Gilbert St in Nov 1949. (as far as I can establish). I am pretty sure he purchased it from the Oliver family (Oliver footwear) of Ballarat and they purchased it from Anderson. I have a few photos of the house including an early I.G. Anderson painting of it. Can I send scans to you?
    I remember Graeme McCartney from the hardware shop as I spent most of my school holidays at the beach house. The “new” house was built in 1964. Part of the old house was shifted down to Fisherman’s beach, some years later, to form the Yacht Club. The old house had a series of Anderson’s water color paintings hanging on the walls and they have all survived scattered among the family. I am at present trying to get copies of them all.
    I would also like to get a copy of the photo on this page for my family history file.
    Peter Stone

  4. Jill Smith Reply

    I.G. as we called him was my grandfather. I would be very interested to see anything you might have about him.

  5. Jill Smith Reply

    Thank you, CK Baulch. I have just found your reply and the link you provided. That was a brilliant photo of my grandfather. I would be interested in any other photos of IG’s paintings as I’m trying to build a digital record of them. If anyone has any more, I’d be very grateful. Many thanks, Jill Smith (nee Anderson)

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