• Hume & Hovell

    Hume and Hovel

    Explorers Hume and Hovell, arrived at Duck Ponds (Lara) near Jillong (Geelong) concluding it was a good place for settlement. Noticing the fine harbour and the surrounding country, they concluded..Read More

  • John Batman Arrives

      John Batman arrives off Indented Head and establishes a holding station. On 6 June Batman recorded in his journal that he had signed a treaty with the local Aboriginal people,..Read More

    • Establishing Pastoral Runs

        Wadawurrung territory started to be settled on by the newly arrived squatters. The Aboriginal community resisted the European invasion by driving off or stealing sheep, which then resulted in conflict..Read More

      • Other Settlers Follow

        Squatters_Pastoralists Torquay district

        Other settlers followed Elias Harding. 1841 – Henry Tait took up the lease for Spring Creek Station. His wife takes over in 1846 when Henry becomes ill. 1843 – John..Read More

      • Court System Established

        Foster Fyans

        Captain Foster Fyans arrived as Police Magistrate giving the informal settlement of Geelong an official basis.

      • Geelong Gazetted

        Geelong was surveyed and Gazetted on 10 October. As Geelong grows with European settlers the Aboriginals are forced to live on the fringe of town.

      • Geelong Land Sales

        Geelong land sales

        The first sale of Geelong land was held, in Sydney, then the capital of the colony of New South Wales, of which this district was a part. It took place..Read More

      • Elias Harding

        Elias Harding early settler in Torquay_Jan Juc_Connewarre

        Elias Harding had arrived at Port Phillip Bay on 2nd October 1838, with his young family. The Port Phillip area, which was then part of N.S.W., was being rapidly developed,..Read More

      • Town and Suburb For Sale

        1866 land sales map

        Section 65, known as the suburb of Puebla but more commonly referred to as Spring Creek (Torquay) was subdivided into 25 allotments and some allotments were sold. At the same..Read More

      • First Torquay Accommodation House

        James Follett Ocean View House Torquay

        James Follett selected 80 acres of Crown Land after working in the area. He erected a boarding house known as Ocean View. It was initially to cater for fisherman but..Read More

      • Wadawurrung (Wathaurung)

        Willem BaaNip _King Billy

        Willem Baa Nip was born in 1836 at Geelong. He was otherwise known as ‘King Billy’, a member of the Wadawurrung (Wathaurung). In 1861 the Duneed Aboriginal Land Reserve of..Read More

      • A Town Is Born

        The township of Puebla was gazetted. The area of the town was bounded by the Surf Coast Highway, Bell Street, The Esplanade and Anderson Street. On 14 September 1886, at..Read More

      • Post Master General Makes Decisions


        After postal services were extended from Mt Duneed to Spring Creek in 1889 the Post Master General agreed to change the town name from Spring Creek to Torquay in November..Read More

      • TIA Hall Is Built

        first Torquay Hall

        William Bell produced a plan for the TIA to build a hall at an approximate cost of 250 pounds. It was suggested another 50 pounds for land, fencing, building and..Read More

      • Let’s Chat

        The first conversation on the recently installed telephone service between Geelong and Torquay took place on Wednesday 10 April 1902 when Mr Richard Hocking, Secretary of the Torquay Improvement Association...Read More

      • Tennis Anyone

        Torquay Tennis Team Beale Street

        Tennis was a popular recreational activity and because the tourists expected tennis courts the Torquay Improvement Association built two courts at the rear of the hall. The courts fronted Beales..Read More

      • New Golf Club

        Early Torquay Golf Club House

        At a meeting attended by about 25 members of the community, a new Golf Committee was formed for the new nine-hole golf course opposite the Palace Hotel under the control..Read More

      • J.W. Taylor Park

        Gates Taylor Park Torquay

        Taylor Park was named in memory of John William Taylor who contributed significantly to the development of Torquay, particularly in his role as President of the Torquay Improvement Association for..Read More

      • New Bowls

          The Torquay Bowling Club was formed after the Torquay Improvement Association called a public meeting in response to newspaper reports the town needed more recreational activities for visitors. Carl Voss..Read More

        • Lights On

          electricity pole

          Torquay was given its power supply turning on electric globes across the town. As the power was switched on several streetlamps, shops and houses were flooded with light. Oil lamps..Read More

        In these moments time stood still…..

        Torquay is dotted with interesting landmarks which signify an event that occurred in the life of Torquay. 

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