Maie-61Maie and her husband Boris, have lived in Torquay for 40 years but Maie’s connection with our town goes back a lot longer than that, as she came with her family to holiday here for many years. They would set up camp in Cowrie Street and Maie would enjoy blissful summers roaming the little village with her brother John.
Proud parents, Maie and Boris were a familiar sight at the local surf contests as they watched their children Angela and Alistair collect some handsome trophies that adorn her home. They are now again seen on the cliff top as they proudly watch their grandson Nixon start out his competitive surfing journey. His proud Granny says he is a star in the making.
Once a familiar sight riding her bike around town she is less of a peddler these days but still a wonderful story teller and quite a famous confectionery maker. Maie sold her famous homemade delights in The little ‘Craft Shop’ that operated from the old Butchers shop in Anderson Street for many years. There was a steady trail of fans after her home made goodies, which followed the recipe handed down through the generations. Keeping abreast of the digital world, she once had a ‘Granny Maie App’ (still available) with her recipes for toffee apples and coconut ice. Her App can be found at

But it is love of collecting and caring for family treasures that is behind this story…. Maie’s home is a treasure trove of bits and pieces of her family. Maie turned 91 this year and decided to donate much of her collection to the Barwon Manor and the National Trust.
In April, Maie shared her wonderful collection of gowns, linens and bits ‘n bobs dating from 1855 to 1930.

Some pages from the autograph album belonging to Maie’s mother.

Fashion Parade
Modelling the gowns were three wonderful ladies Jessica Clement, Emma Tunley and Peggy Forbes, who gave us an insight into the wonderful fashion from an era so long ago.

A wonderful High Tea was offered after the Fashion Parade

Browsing the display of Bits n’ Pieces