Torquay Golf Club turns 100

Around about this time 100 years ago a group of 22 local citizens arranged a meeting at the Public Hall to form the Torquay Golf Club. Among those gathered were the licensee of the Palace Hotel, Alex Crowe, Basil Drayton and Thomas Macfarlane, local storekeeper, brothers Arthur and Ernest Taylor who were timber merchants, Colin Follett a labourer and George Berryman from Mt Duneed, a farmer. From humble beginnings on land leased from the Public Trustees on the east side of Spring Creek, the TGC was born. In typical Torquay form, the men rolled up their sleeves and got to work carving out fairways from rough paddocks and flattening patches to serve as greens. A small wooden clubhouse was erected next to the first tee, and most of the layout encompassed the present campground. The newly formed Committee led by Alex Crowe set a goal to play their first event by Christmas 1920.  

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