The Country Party wins Corangamite

Chester Manifold won the of Corangamite seat back from James Scullin in 1913, this time standing for the Commonwealth Liberal party. The CLP was a merger of the two non- labour parties ( the Protectionist and the Anti Socialist party) . Manifold retained his seat at the 1917 elections but following his death in 1918, a bi election was called.   William Gerrand Gibson, a farmer from Lismore, became the first member of the Farmers Union Party ( later the Country Party) to be elected to the Federal Parliament defeating Scullin on preferences . He went on to become the longest serving member to date , holding the seat for the next 11 years.

He pressed for regulated wheat and dairy prices and He was Postmaster-General from 1923 to 1929, and encouraged the construction of telephone lines, the extension of roadside mail deliveries and the building of post offices in country districts. He also encouraged the development of radio broadcasting. In 1928, he was appointed Minister for Works and Railways,

Gibson was defeated at the 1929 elections and returned to farming. He won Corangamite back at the 1931 elections. At the 1934 elections, he was elected to the Senate and he remained a senator until he retired in 1947,

Seems like he too, was a fellow who worked hard at representing the people of Corangamite


William Gerrand Gibson

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