You are about to go in a quest through the internet to find out the history of Taylor Park and how its food chain supports the park as a ‘Bird Sanctuary’. There is a lot of confusion in town about who originally owned the land and what would happen if it was no longer a park.

You will be given tasks to complete, which will take you through different websites about Taylor Park and the creatures it supports.

In the centre of Torquay is a parcel of land we call Taylor Park. Different people have used it for various purposes over the years.

You are a reporter for the local newspaper and have heard that there is a proposal to sell the land. However, there is confusion about who owns the land and concern about the creatures that live there.

Who does the land belong to? Why is it named after John William Taylor? Who was this man? How has the park developed over the last 120 years? What does this mean for the birds if the land is sold?



the taskYou will be working through this WebQuest to learn as much as possible about Taylor Park.

You will learn the history of the park and its ecosystem.

Collect all the information you can about the history of the park and provide a report that agrees with or opposes the selling of the land that is currently the reserve called Taylor Park.

Your report for the newspaper should be around 500 words.


1. Explore the history of Taylor Park HERE
2. Answer these questions to help shape your report. QUESTIONS
3. Examine the NEWSPAPER REPORT on the planning for Taylor Park and complete the tasks.
4. Explore the life within Taylor Park HERE
5. Answer these questions to add to your report. QUESTIONS
6. Complete the worksheet to order the information you have collected and start developing your report. WORKSHEET HERE
7. Write your report.
8. With your parent’s consent send the report to [email protected] so that we can publish it.

Thank you so much for helping to sort out the information about the history of Taylor Park and providing information about the creatures that live there!
We look forward to reading your story in the local news to clear up the confusion.
It would have been a huge mess without you.


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