Surfing Torquay Early Years

Ray Wilson grew up in Torquay and was naturally one of the surfers in the early years. He learnt to swim and surf in our beaches. In this clip he describes his experiences as a young Torquay Surfer.
Ray is also featured in our June edition of HISTORY MATTERS which can be purchased at the Torquay newsagents. Members receive a free digital copy.

1 thought on “Surfing Torquay Early Years

  1. Diane RICHARDSON Reply

    Great listening to Ray . I also grew up in Torquay at the same time.l was the first girl to surf at Torquay .My name is DIANE RICHARDSON née HUMPHREYS ,I was called GIDGET. I have Lots of great memories spending all Summer at the surf beach in front of the surf clubhouse and surfing in winter without a wetsuit.l started riding a board in the late 50’s on a board purchased from Graeme McKenzie (another local who lived around the corner fromRay).

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