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Trove is a world-ranked web platform of digitised newspapers, books, magazines, photographs, and archived websites. It serves as a research resource for education and display purposes too. We can’t afford to lose this invaluable rich resource.

Over the years, we have collected and researched stories around the district which are published in our quarterly HISTORY MATTERS magazine or on our website

The 1940 bushfire that swept through Torquay took a lot of our history, not only in terms of structure but the documents associated with the progress of Torquay. As a history group, we have relied on access to digitised historical newspapers for information on our history. Many other history groups and family historians locally and overseas rely on this free invaluable Trove resource.

We have been asked to share details of an e-petition to raise political awareness of this valuable asset we have.

A group, ‘MoreTrove for Vic’ has set up a petition – To guarantee Trove has a well-funded long-term future. We need our Federal Parliamentarians to talk about the immense support for the web platform in Parliament. This formal Federal Parliamentary e-petition has been created and is gathering signatures, with less than 2 weeks, by 22nd February, to do so.

Please take the time to sign the petition on our behalf and all those other researchers who rely on it to learn more about their location, people and families.

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