Maies Memoribilia
Fashion Parade of Maie's collection of clothing dating back to 1850s

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Our Do History page provides examples of how to interact with local history. There are links to some historical activities providing a sense of stepping back in time.

The activities are a way of enjoying all aspects of the area and at the same time learning about the past.

Our Collections provide more than the retelling of historical facts. We have collected stories told by long term residents who provide a sense of a way of life. Our Do History activities often link back to these stories when doing the the walks or scavenger hunts.

Scavenger Hunts

Enjoy going out and solving the puzzle of photos or recreate a history event. You might like to solve some riddles to find the location of a history event, person, or place in Torquay's history. There are three different types of History Scavenger Hunts / Challenges available for teams or to be done alone.

History Walks

Explore the wonderful landscape on foot or bike on a flat kid friendly walk and enjoy learning history using the Torquay History App. Scroll down for more information.

Surf Coast Walk

The Surf Coast Walk is an adventure that boasts a total immersion in nature. The walk can be done in parts or complete the full 44 km walk from Point Impossible to Aireys Inlet.

Maie's Memorabilia

Fashion Parade

Maie, like her mother before treasured and looked after her mother’s and grandmother’s clothes. Some of these date back to the 1850s. Maie held a fashion parade to display the collection before they were donated to the National Trust.

View the wonderful collection here.

Living History

Recorded Interviews

We talk to locals who grew up or have been a long term visitor to town. They tell their stories, how they remember their youth and how the town has changed.

View our Memories collection here.

Torquay Foreshore Walk


From Point Danger, Anzac Memorial to the Sundial on Fisherman’s Beach, use the Torquay History App to navigate the various historical points of interest.


Surf Culture Trail


Torquay commerce grew on the back of the surfing industry. Backyard small business grew to corporations recognised globally. Visit the location gave birth to this surfing industry. Use the free Torquay History App to help you find your way.


Bells Walk


Bells track is part of the Surf Coast Walk, that covers the path local surfing pioneers carved through the scrub.

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Jarosite Walk

Enjoy the inland forest of the Ironbark Basin. Discover about Aboriginal lifestyle and enjoy spectacular views along the way. See the remnants of the old Jarosite Mine that operated in the 1920s.

Surf Coast Walk

Opened in 2012 the Surf Coast Walk was developed and funded by a group of government bodies.

The 44 km walk offers natural beauty and easy access. Discover ancient Aboriginal traditions, surf culture and native wildlife.