In 1971, Geoff Naylor, diver and author of a book on the Joseph H Scammell organized with his diving friends to raise the anchor belong to the shipwreck from the shallows at Point Danger. They went out with several 44 gallon drums and an air-compressor.

After submerging the drums and attaching them to the anchor they filled the drums with air. With the assistance of local fishermen Ray Milliken and Geoff Emmerson they raised the anchor to the surface. It was then towed back to the beach ramp, winched up and sent to Geelong to be sandblasted and treated.

After preservation was completed the anchScammel Anchoror was returned to the foreshore and mounted with the plaque describing the fate of the Scammell.

Another anchor from the ship is on display near the boat ramp at Fishermans beach.

Source:  Torquay Times, July 7, 2003