We are preserving Torquay history by collecting local newspapers.

At one time yesterday’s news was today’s fish and chip wrapping. These days we have a greater appreciation of history, and we also have the technology to save these stories. Global events have changed the way we look at our lives, our country and our world. More than ever we want to be able to remember and pass these memories along.

local newspaper covers
Thanks Ocean Grove Baby Boomers for First Echo and early Independent newspaper mastheads

Previous generations have clear memories of the world wars last century, the day that we lost our Prime Minister to the sea or the terrorist attack and the military action that followed are stories that have been shared and will continue to be shared for decades to come. The creation of the Surf Coast Shire and the events that led up to the creation of this entity are important in our understanding of events that happen now.

The newspaper is one of the few narratives of a defining event in history, even at the local level. They are vital records that as historians, we aim to preserve and share these local newspapers.

We have a collection of newspapers and some clippings from pages. The newspapers are currently being scanned.


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