To ensure our wonderful past is preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Our mission continues because of you, the owners of Torquay’s history. Behind the scenes, online, and out in the community, Torquay Museum Without Walls continues to serve you by ensuring our online museum continues to educate, preserve, and celebrate the events and people who have shaped our Torquay. We need to ensure Torquay Museum Without Walls is here for generations to come. If you can, please consider making a special donation.

By donating documents, photos or money or by leaving a legacy for generations to come, you can help us engage people in our town’s heritage through our website, social media and other public programs.

Donations of money help towards such items as archiving, education and display materials, and catering for our Pop-Up Displays and other events which are free to the general public.

A bequest carries your past into our future.

To donate items to Torquay Museum Without Walls please contact the secretary at email