John Edward (Ted) Charles (1880 – 1958) was an early dairyman who ran his cows on Duffield’s property that spanned from Charles Land to Torquay Road. Ted was born in Sago Hill (Ballarat) to farmers, Robert and Euphemia Charles. By 1909 Ted and his brother were farming at Jan Juc with some other members of the extended Charles family.

Typical dairy farm milking early 1900s

Mabel and Ted married in 1911 and moved next door to Mabel’s parents on Geelong Road, Torquay, after Thomas Duffield purchased the allotment from John William Duffield. Ted, a dairy farmer, then grazed his cows in Duffield’s paddock (where they lived) as well as on the public reserve that he would lease. According to Prescott (1985) Duffield’s had a shop in Anderson Street where they also milked cows and ran a milk round which they later sold to Ted. As well as the retail milk round, Ted was very interested in all community work around Torquay as was his son Keith who was a member of the Torquay Improvement Association.

In 1931 Ted and Mabel inherited Thomas Duffield’s property on Geelong Road. In recognition for his community work and the value of his dairy business to the community, Charles Lane, Torquay was named in his honour.

Ted died in 1958 and was buried in the Bellbrae Cemetery.