Our purpose is to develop a comprehensive and easily accessible online history of Torquay and the surrounding area.


Torquay Museum Without Walls objectives are:

  • To record growth and development of Torquay through memories and reflections of community members across generations.
  • To generate new content in the form of oral history recordings and digital stories.
  • To document different facets of the Torquay district history.
  • To provide access to Torquay history through the use of a range of technologies.

Vision Our vision expresses a broad, aspirational image of the future.

To be a place that defines the essence of the Torquay district: its people, places and achievements during its rich past. A destination that serves to bridge the past to present by using digital history as a tool offering relevant, educational and entertaining experiences that inspire discovery and connections.

Mission Statement Our mission defines our purpose and reason for being.

Torquay Museum Without Walls enriches and engages the local and wider community through preservation and dissemination of the unique historical stories of our area. We do this using an online digital platform which is open all hours, globally.