torquay streets

Streets of Torquay


Early in the development of Torquay the Lands Department named the roads based on recommendations by the Torquay Improvement Association. At the moment, none of the streets has a name. You are a resident who would like to suggest one name for a road.


You have travelled back in time to the year 1890. Land in the district has substantially been taken over by squatters, and more settlers are moving into the region. Some are making a living on the farms around Torquay. There are also holiday houses built by Geelong businessmen. Lots of visitors are coming to Torquay and businesses are growing.
You have seen many of these men around town. To prepare your suggestion, you need to interview one of these men and find out more about them.
Who was this pioneer? What is important to remember about him? How will you tell his story and communicate the important aspects of his life and achievements to the Torquay Improvement Association?

the task

The Task

You will be working through this WebQuest to learn as much as possible about the district Pioneers.
Read about some of the early pioneers here.
You will choose one pioneer from the list on the page you just read.
At the end you will produce a written report to the Torquay Improvement Association.

The Process

  • Explore the online resources for your pioneer.
  • Answer the questions you find by clicking the button below.
  • Write a report of 400 – 500 words. Make sure you include all the answers to the questions and add more relevant information.
  • Create/find a motto/slogan/quote for your character.
  • You may have to go to the committee meeting to present your argument. Prepare a 3-minute oral presentation giving as much interesting and relevant information about your pioneer. Record your presentation on your phone, camera or iPad (or another recording device). Ask mum or dad to send the clip to us and we will post it on our website and Facebook page.

Resources of old torquay


You have been invited to dinner at the Palace Hotel, which is now the Torquay Hotel (Pub).
Which pioneer’s table would you sit at? Why?
What would you talk about?


Printable puzzles are available about the Torquay Pioneers that have just been studied. Where appropriate an answer sheet is attached to the puzzle.

Torquay Pioneer Word Search

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Torquay Pioneer Crossword

Find the streets map using Google Maps

Torquay Pioneers Scavenger Hunt