In the devastating Torquay bushfire the school lost the girls toilets, shelter shed, fencing, lawn mower and a tool box.

Cows in the yard

S. Bensch complains of cows getting into the school grounds through the fence.  

School House Enlarged

The school house was enlarged after there were complaints about students taking lessons in the shelter sheds.

School Growth

In 1914, with 39 students enrolled, Head Teacher, Essington Edmonds, complained to the Education Department that the school was too small and needs to be enlarged. Further enrolments the following..Read More

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School Recommended

In March 1899, a further petition was presented to the Education Department, signed by S. Ware, E. Edwards & E. Payne, citing that 17 children needed schooling. The District Inspector,..Read More

Torquay School Opens

Alice Meagher, Head Teacher opened TORQUAY STATE SCHOOL in the Presbyterian Church / Public Hall with 16 students enrolled. The newly built Presbyterian Church, a building 25ft X 20ft, was..Read More

First petition for a Torquay school

Petition 1

Residents submitted the first petition to the Education Department for a school for Torquay  in April, 1896. At that time 21 children were in need of Education, and the petition..Read More