William Dampier (England) becomes the first Englishman to set foot on the west coast of Australia.

Dutch explorer Abel Tasman named Australian mainland New Holland.

Dutchman Jan Carstenz described several armed encounters with Aboriginal people on the northern coast of Australia. Shots were fired and an Aboriginal man was hit.

The oldest dated rock painting is believed to come from the 1620s. The rock painting depicts a sailing boat and is proof of Aboriginal people’s early contact, possibly with Macassars from Indonesia..Read More

Dutchman Willem Jansz and the people on his ship Duyfken explore the western coast of Cape York Peninsula, the first Europeans to have contact with Australian Aboriginal people. The two..Read More

Bone tool deposits at Otway Peninsula, Victoria suggest Aboriginal people were working with animal skins.

Macassan praus sail to the north eastern coast of the Northern Territory. Trade between Aboriginal people and the Macassans continues until it is stopped by the South Australian government in 1906.

Dutch documents record the journeys of Macassan trepangers (Indigenous traders from Indonesia) to ‘Marege’, as the Macassans call Australia.

Chinese sailors visit near Darwin (NT), evidence of 15th Century Ming statuette found.

100,000 years ago – Evidence of Aboriginal people living on the Australian continent and of the world’s earliest human art. (French cave painting 5,000 years ago, the Mona Lisa, 14th..Read More