Wathaurong acknowledged as owners of Wurdi Youang astrological stone arrangement with traditional knowledge of the site’s sanctity.

The state governments of Australia formally apologise to the Aboriginal people [1]

The Commonwealth parliament introduces The Native Title Act. It was amended in 1998 & 2006.

The High Court rejected doctrine of Terra Nullius and concluded that consequently Native Title could have survived on lands where it had not been extinguished.

Aboriginal Education Policy becomes mandatory for all schools. Aboriginal women, some as young as 13, are forcibly sterilised with the drug Depro Provera (made by Pfizer) despite serious side effects and being …

Commonwealth government returns Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park (including Uluru/Ayer’s Rock) in the NT to its traditional Aboriginal owners.

Enrolment and voting in Commonwealth elections is now compulsory for Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal Child Placement Principle, is incorporated in NT welfare legislation to ensure that Indigenous children are placed with Indigenous families when adoption or fostering is necessary. This is followed …

Victorian Premier John Cain announces legislation is to be passed recognising the Aboriginal ownership of the Framlingham Forest near Warrnambool.

Michael Anderson, the only surviving founder of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, becomes the first Aboriginal Australian to address the United Nations.