Arthur Leonard Long crossing Bass Strait 100 years ago

Wonderful time today celebrating 100 years of the first air crossing over Bass Strait by Arthur Leonard Long.
Joining us was Pirrie Shiel who has researched Arthur Leonard Long and the details of the flight and has written a book “Bridging the Strait”. It was amazing to learn that there is so much more to the story and the little monument at Torquay. Pirrie told us only the bravest souls were prepared to experience for themselves the thrills and terrors of flight in 1919.
Also joining us were members of the Long Family including his son, David who shared stories of his father and some first hand memories.
It was a poignant moment when David stood to watch the biplane from Tiger Moth World Adventure Flights approach from over the ocean and do a sweep above us.
Great to have student from local schools on hand to hear all this and hopefully keep these stories alive in years to come.

Stanley Discovery Museum celebrated the departure of Arthur Leonard Long from the town one hundred years ago to arrive in Torquay four hours later.

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