Point Danger Memorial Drive

Orginal Cairn

The original memorial cairn was established by the Torquay and District Ex-Servicemen’s club which was established in 1947.

It was located at the tip of Point Danger in the middle of a roundabout with two flag poles on either side.

A CAIRN is a mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark, typically on a hilltop or skyline.


Plaques on the Original Cairn

plaque torquay cairn fallen comrades
plaque torquay cairn korean war
plaque torquay cairn darwin defence
plaque torquay cairn 23-21 battalion ww2
plaque torquay cairn sir edward-wary-dunlop
plaque torquay cairn fallen comrades - korea-malaysia-vietnam
plaque torquay cairn sir chinmoy peace-blossom
Pt Danger Light Horse
Joe Walker

Joe Walker was a most determined man. He was a member of the first Torquay and District Ex-Servicemen’s Club formed in 1947.

When the Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee formed in 2004 they quickly set about redeveloping the coastal reserves which included Point Danger. The Torquay Dawn Service staged by the Torquay RSL was growing each year so there was consideration for a larger memorial to reflect the growing number of attendees at the dawn and Remembrance Day services.

The old cairn was pulled down and stored away. Joe Walker was having none of it and met with many people to put forward his case to keep the cairn. Eventually the cairn was reassembled closer to the edge of the point.

Joe Walker standing on the site of the dismantled old cairn staging his protest at its removal.