Torquay History

January 1

Wathaurong living on land


First Australians from Wathaurong Tribe inhabited the for over 40,000 years. For more information on the First Australians timeline click here.  

January 1

Naming Bass Strait

Naming Bass Strait

George Bass sailed from Sydney, around Cape Howe, the farthest point of south-east Australia sailing westwards along the coast to Western Port. The following year he circumnavigated Van Diemen’s Land..Read More

December 24

Hume & Hovell

Hume and Hovel

Explorers Hume and Hovell, arrived at Duck Ponds (Lara) near Jillong (Geelong) concluding it was a good place for settlement. Noticing the fine harbour and the surrounding country, they concluded..Read More

May 1

John Batman Arrives

    John Batman arrives off Indented Head and establishes a holding station. On 6 June Batman recorded in his journal that he had signed a treaty with the local Aboriginal people,..Read More

    January 1

    Establishing Pastoral Runs

      Wadawurrung territory started to be settled on by the newly arrived squatters. The Aboriginal community resisted the European invasion by driving off or stealing sheep, which then resulted in conflict..Read More

      January 1

      Court System Established

      Court System Established

      Captain Foster Fyans arrived as Police Magistrate giving the informal settlement of Geelong an official basis.

      October 10

      Geelong Gazetted

      Geelong was surveyed and Gazetted on 10 October. As Geelong grows with European settlers the Aboriginals are forced to live on the fringe of town.

      February 14

      Geelong Land Sales

      Geelong land sales

      The first sale of Geelong land was held, in Sydney, then the capital of the colony of New South Wales, of which this district was a part. It took place..Read More

      January 1

      Elias Harding

      Elias Harding early settler in Torquay_Jan Juc_Connewarre

      Elias Harding had arrived at Port Phillip Bay on 2nd October 1838, with his young family. The Port Phillip area, which was then part of N.S.W., was being rapidly developed,..Read More

      January 1

      Other Settlers Follow

      Squatters_Pastoralists Torquay district

      Other settlers followed Elias Harding. 1841 – Henry Tait took up the lease for Spring Creek Station. His wife takes over in 1846 when Henry becomes ill. 1843 – John..Read More