Surf culture began emerging on a global level after World War II, with its golden age during the 1960s.
During this time the surf culture was all about and “endless summer” lifestyle of playing with the waves and sunbathing all day long. Many rejected the capitalist materialism and promoted a more spiritual existence. It as also an escape from work, school and a frantic world.
Surfing became more popular as movies and songs hit the screens and radio. The Beach Boys swept the world creating an image everyone wanted to be connected with. Surfers began traveling the world in search of the perfect wave. They became synonymous with the Hippie Movement in the 70s often perceived as lazy long-haired drug addicts who didn’t work.
Here in Torquay, the ABC visited to find out more about this surfing culture. Listen to their Weekend Report.

How things have changed! As surfers looked for new ways to enjoy their sport it has become a mulit-billion dollar industry. There are professional surfers who are fit and healthy linked to famous brands selling anything from equipment to clothing, movies, magazines. The once male-dominated sport with women as accessories has women now proving themselves as strong as men.