The Torquay district

The purple markers indicate those properties which have a Surf Coast Shire Heritage Overlay on them.

The other markers indicate properties which are or have been historical houses in the Torquay district.

Addiscot Homestead Photo Chris Barr


Bells Beach

historic house, Braeside
Photo Cathy Smith


33 The Esplanade, Torquay

Little house in Rudd Avenue, Torquay 1970.
Pictured from left – Greg Hill, Greg Alla, John Robinson, Chris Young, Charlie Bartlett and ‘Little’ Charlie’
Photo John Witzig


7 Rudd Avenue, Torquay

historic houses, sea view villa
Photo John Walker

Sea View Villa

2 Anderson Street, Torquay

Old Butcher shop and house

Old Butcher’s Shop

17 Anderson Street, Torquay

Kipsey House
Photo L. Leighton

The Kipsey

2 Parker Street, Torquay

nairns dairy
Photo L. Leighton

Nairn’s Dairy

6 Boston Road, Torquay

Happy Days, Zeally Bay Road
Photo Andrew Jones

Happy Days

13 Zeally Bay Road, Torquay

Loch Lamond

Loch Lamond

Gilbert Street, Torquay