Head Teacher, William Savage established a non-vested Presbyterian School on 1st of October 1856. In 1858 its average attendance was 3.1 (14 boys, 17 girls). It received an annual capitation allowance which, in 1875, was £163.

Formerly called Duneed its name changed to Pettavel in 1884, probably because of its situation on Pettavel Rd. A leased building served the school which closed on 31st of September 1884.

The next day State School 2630 Pettavel, of which Alfred Hansen became Head Teacher, replaced No. 196.

– Vision & Realisation (1973)


Instruction began on 1st of October 1884 in a portable wooden building designed by the Department to accommodate 30 pupils with, evidently, Alfred Hanson as the first HT. It was situated on the Geelong side of Moriac, on the Geelong-Colac railway line adjacent to the Pettavel railway station in the County of Grant, Parish of Modewarre. In 1884 the average attendance was 14 boys and 11 girls. A two-room wooden residence was attached. The school closed down on 30th of September 1895 but reopened on 15th of December 1909 when the building was re-located and the school operated part-time with Paraparap. The school finally closed 19th of June 1910.

– Vision & Realisation (1973)