Request for a school

A letter from the Breamlea Progress Association on 15th of March 1951 requested that a school be provided and offered the hall 60ftx24ft for lease as a temporary school building. The request was supported by Sir Thomas Maltby, MLA.

School Opens

Breamlea State School No. 4696 opened in the hall on 27th of May 1952 with Francis C. McGarry as Head Teacher from May to September 1952.

Land purchased for school

A site of 3 acres 2 roods adjoining the east boundary of the Municipal Reserve, in the Parish of Connewarre, County of Grant was secured. An unused school building at Barwon Heads was removed and re-erected at the site. It was first occupied on 31st of January 1955.

School closed

Breamlea State School was closed by Ministerial Order on 14th January, 1966.