The Pond

The pond in Taylor Park is enjoyed by families watching and feeding the ducks. It had almost vanished when one person saw it his mission to make the pond an important part of life for the birds. He was often known as the Bird Man of Torquay.
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1.   Who was the Bird Man of Torquay?
2.   How did he change Taylor Park?

He also worked with penguins on Fisherman’s Beach
Watch the video on the page to find out Jack’s opinions.
3.   What was Jack’s philosophy?

The Web of Life

Locals and visitors enjoy the serenity of a walk through Taylor Park. We can stop, sit and listen to the wildlife and be awe of the variety of living things that share the park with us. From multicoloured parrots to the ants working hard on the ground, variety is “the spice of life”. This variety gives us more exciting things to look at; it is the Web Of Life.

Each of these species is interconnected. They depend on one another. Taylor Park provides a home for many different living things. Animals eat plants. The plants need healthy soil to grow. Fungi help decompose organisms to fertilise the soil. Bees and other insects carry pollen from one plant to another, which enables the plants to reproduce. The park has its own little ecosystem.

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This video will help too.

Go to and complete the food chain “quiz” making sure you answer the questions as you go.

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