Joseph H Scammell Shipwreck WebQuest


There is a large anchor on the Torquay Foreshore and a smaller anchor at Fisherman’s Beach. They both came from the shipwreck Joseph H Scammell. Did you know the anchor on the foreshore is pointing to the location of where the ship came to grief?

Since white settlers arrived in Melbourne and Geelong during the 1830s, many ships pass by Torquay to reach or leave that location. Along this southern coastline of Victoria, many ships got lost or sunk during their trip due to stormy weather or poor navigation. It is believed that there are around 50 shipwrecks along our local coast around Breamlea-Torquay-Point Addis.

When the Joseph H Scammell run aground on 7 May 1891 at Point Danger, thousands flocked to the town to see the stricken vessel. Many illegally took or hid items from the shipwreck.

You are going to learn about the ship, where it came from, what happened, and how this shipwreck became a home.

You are working for the police and customs department and need to find out about how the ship ran aground.

You will present your findings in a report format for the police and maritime board.Ther

Police on Beach