Torquay History Learning Experiences

Be sure to check out the page regularly as more activities will be added over time.

Torquay Museum Without Walls has created some activities for young people that focuses on the history of our Torquay region. These can be used as classroom activities or as enrichment activities at home when looking for something extra for young people to explore.

We are a digital library and contain most of the information on our website that will be needed to complete the activities. Our intention is to make home learning a bit easier and more fun.

Torquay Museum Without Walls will be rolling out more Torquay distance learning activities such as word searches, crosswords, WebQuests all linked to the history of Torquay and the surrounding area. The activities will be child led so they can do them independently.

Parents are encouraged to share footage or images of their child’s completed work so that we can post them to inspire others to join. Email

If there are any questions related to the history of the area we can answer them and even make another learning activity based on those questions.

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