Gilbert Street, old post office

Commercial business growth in Torquay was driven not only to address the locals needs but also to support the booming tourism industry that started back in the 1860s. Accommodation continues to rate as one of the top number of businesses in Torquay.

The mid 1860s saw increased activities in selling crown land and developing roads to Jan Juc (Bellbrae) and to Spring Creek (Torquay). With greater access to these remote towns Geelong business saw an opportunity to service the areas of Germantown, Connewarre, Freshwater Creek Mount Dunned and surrounding districts. Visitors too arrived, for picnics and fishing.

Organisations such as the Geelong Volunteer Fire Brigade advertised a tender for transport to Bream and Spring Creeks in 1870. A few years later Felix Rosser began his conveyance business for the Geelong – Spring Creek route. Others followed as tourism began to flourish.

There began less reliance on neighbouring towns for items such bread, milk and postal services as the town grew.


  • Coffee Palace
  • St. Heliers
  • Two Bays
  • Caravan Parks


Small Business

  • Dairy
  • Bakery
  • Tea & Hot Water Depot
  • Hughes General Store