Taylor family beach

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Torquay coastline is full of beautiful beaches, reefs and challenging wave spots. Surfers have a range of options to catch the best wave and families can enjoy the beach where the waves are gentle and they can paddle safely and learn to surf. There are sheltered swimming beaches popular with visitors, fishermen and morning training swims too. The attractive foreshore offers BBQ and picnic areas; a large play area for the kids and a large camping area.

When Torquay was first established bathing boxes started to dot the foreshore. Under the careful guidance of the Foreshore Trust (later to become the Greater Ocean Road Coastal Committee) these were slowly dismantled in the 1950/60s. The Foreshore Trust looked after the beaches and ensured that residents and visitors had a comfortable stay at the beach.

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Since the early 1860s when visitors travelled to Torquay for a picnic, sport or fishing three parklands have always been popular. Today we know them as Taylor Park, Spring Creek Reserve and Torquay Common.

The history of these parks is –