Brief History of Spring Creek Community House

1n 1988 a small group of local residents decided that there was a need for a community house in Torquay, so they arranged a meeting where things were discussed in greater detail.











The result of this meeting was the establishment of Spring Creek Community House in a couple of small, dark rooms in the building of the Torquay Community Health Center on Bell Street. It is there that Torquay’s community house was born! The was open on Monday mornings from 10 to 12 am. and a few courses were held, mostly at night.

In 1994 Spring Creek House moved to bigger premises on Price Street and what a great move it was! The building belongs to the council and they have been a great help. The number of volunteers increased, as did the number of courses offered and after that there was no stopping us!

In 1997 the council applied for a grant to extend the building in Price Street, because it was becoming too small. They got the grant and early 1998 the renovations were started. It was a pretty stressful time for all those who were involved with the House because everything had to be done from 1 room for about 3 months!!

But that was overcome too and look at them now. A fantastic building with lots of room, incredible facilities and a bunch of great volunteers who love being there and do a great job!.


  • Kate Remenyi
  • Kay Black
  • Bruce Anderson
  • Judy Denson
  • Chris Lewis
  • Kim Jones


  • Katherine Kidd
  • Gordon Stammers
  • Judy Denson
  • Kate Remenyi
  • Carmel Dunstone
  • Kim Jones
  • Wendy Haseman

now Torquay Community House