Since forming as a community organization in 2015, Torquay Museum Without Walls (TMWW) has committed to collecting, researching and sharing an understanding of the history of the Torquay region.

With the support of volunteers, TMWW provides a program of activities such as lectures, excursions, school projects, and exhibitions to benefit members and the general public.

Regular events each year include Torquay Day, participating in History Month and Women’s History Month.

TMWW publishes four magazines per year, called History Matters. The magazine is sent out free to our subscribers, or printed copies can be purchased at the Torquay news agency or for annual payment purchased through TMWW.

Today, TMWW has over 50 individual financial members and 300 free subscribers to our historical society.
TMWW membership is open to those interested in history and who wish to join as a financial member or subscriber.

Social Media
We use Facebook and Instagram as our social network platforms. Two Facebook accounts, one private and one public, have collectively over 2,100 followers and growing. Our Instagram account has over 1,500 followers. For each of the accounts, we encourage positive sharing of stories and discussion on the history of the Torquay district.

Local History Collection
TMWW’s collection is used extensively by local history and family researchers, students, authors and commercial enterprises. We offer personal advice and assistance to individual researchers and a research service to business organizations and government agencies.
Torquay Museum Without Walls is a member of The Royal Historical Society of Victoria and the Federation of Australian Historical Societies.

TMWW has a range of historical records and archives in our huge database documenting the people, places, properties and events that have shaped Torquay’s history. Together with our History Matters magazine, these resources provide invaluable resources for researchers.


Discover more stories about the Torquay district by reading one of our quarterly magazines. Digital copies are sent free to our subscribers and our financial members.

Residential Records

Helping you find a solution to who lived in your house or owned your land.
Our growing collection is a result of the breadth of our research and commitment to the growth of our digital library. Contact us for further information

Torquay History App

Find out about Torquay history on your mobile phone. Download the free app, and it will tell you what fascinating piece of history surrounds you at your current location.


See the history of the area through our special annual exhibitions during History Month in October.


Our collection of local resources to aid in your research is growing. Our catalog will be published soon, so in the meantime contact us with your query.

Public Speaking

Find out about the range of public speaking engagements we undertake - from primary schools to nursing homes.