1956 Miss Torquay

Beach beauty competitions reached a peak of popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. Girls and women of all ages were photographed on the beach which was published in the paper or they paraded across the stage in their bathing suits vying for local titles to head to the State and National titles. They were held as part of a summer festival to promote the daily newspapers and raise money for the local surfing clubs who hosted the event.
Here is a clip from the 1956 Miss Torquay event. More information can be found in our current edition of HISTORY MATTERS which can be purchased from the Torquay Newsagency.


1 thought on “1956 Miss Torquay

  1. Peter Polwarth Reply

    great bit of history. as a kid i saw 1st ever 2-piece bathers in Miss Torquay and the organisers made her change into a 1 pce or be disqualified. Made National headlines . Cant remember her name but was a striking blonde. Maybe, Peter Troys sister???

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